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General terms and conditions

Service: TAFELSPITZ Full Service Catering undertakes to act with due diligence in the discharge of its duties. The company furthermore undertakes to organise the event in a punctual and efficient manner. Great care is taken to select only high-quality food and beverages. If the customer desires, the company can also act as overall event manager, coordinating the activities of all the suppliers involved.

Order Confirmation: A contract can be entered into with TAFELSPITZ Full Service Catering either verbally or in writing. The order comes into effect no later than on the date on which written confirmation is issued by TAFELSPITZ Full Service Catering. All items that are not specifically mentioned in the order confirmation are subject to separate charges.

Administration costs: An initial, the quotation is normally drawn up free of charge. If the customer requires, more detailed quotation and this does not result in a subsequent order ,TAFELSPITZ Full Service Catering shall be entitled to charge for its costs incurred in drawing up the detailed quotation. Any special trial meal ordered by the customer will likewise be billed separately. Any cancellation of a binding reservation shall be subject to a charge to cover the costs incurred.

Minor changes: TAFELSPITZ Full Service Catering reserves the right to make minor changes in accordance with short-term market conditions (e.g. due to the non-availability of certain goods or massive increases in their costs). The customer will be kept fully informed of any such changes, and offered alternatives of the same value.

Number of guests: Any change in the number of guests must be notified, preferably in writing, no later than seven days before the date of the event. If the number of guests present is lower than first notified, the original quoted amount will be billed automatically.

Cancellation of events: If an event is cancelled after an order has been confirmed, the following costs will be billed: Up to 40 days before the date of the event: the costs incurred will be billed Between 30 and 39 days before the date of the event: 30% of the quoted amount Between 14 and 29 days before the date of the event: 45 % of the quoted amount Between 0 and 13 days before the date of the event: 100 % of the quoted amount

Payment: TAFELSPITZ Full Service Catering receives a sum on account for the organising of the event. This sum on account, which is normally 40% of the final total, is payable before the date of the event. The remainder, including any additional services that might be required, is payable within ten days of the date of issue of the detailed invoice.

Legal jurisdiction: The legal jurisdiction for any dispute that might arise from from this agreement is the town of Hamburg (Germany) , or another place of jurisdiction chosen at the discretion of TAFELSPITZ Full Service Catering. This agreement is governed by the laws of Germany.